You know how most accountants struggle with marketing and sales and end up overworked having to take on bad clients that make their life miserable.

Well we specialize in helping accountants to get a consistent stream of their ideal clients while reducing workload and increasing profits.

Buznet's Products & Services

Done-For-You Marketing

Buznet's Done-For-You Marketing:

  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Building Of Sales Funnels
  • Email Retargeting Automation
  • Front To Back Metrics & Tracking

Client Requirements:

  • Lead Follow-up
  • Sales Calls - Signing Up New Clients

The Accountant Catalyst

The Accountant Catalyst

  • Week 1 - Picking Your Niche
  • Week 2 - Creating Your Offer
  • Week 3 - Sales Training
  • Week 4 - Organic Marketing
  • Week 5 - Automation

LinkedIn Catalyst

Buznet's LinkedIn Catalyst:

  • Lesson 1: Foundations Of Marketing
  • Lesson 2: Crafting Your Marketing Message
  • Lesson 3: LinkedIn Rebranding
  • Lesson 4: Growing Your Niche Audience
  • Lesson 5: Reaching Out To Your Niche Audience
  • Lesson 6: Metrics For Tracking
  • Lesson 7: Attracting Your Niche
  • What Is Next?

High Ticket Sales Training

Buznet's High Ticket Sales Training:

  • Part 1: Sales Call Training
  • Part 2: The Scientific Conversion Script
  • Part 3: Handling Objections & Personalizing the Conversion Script

Buznet's Financial Consulting Program

  • For Everyone That Wants To Do Financial Consulting
  • Complete Customizable 6 Week Course
  • All It Needs Is Your Logo & Expertise

Account For Highlevel:

  • Visual CRM System
  • Highlevel Reporting & Analytics
  • SMS Marketing Automation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Automation
  • Scheduling Automation
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Builder
  • Funnel Builder
  • Learning Platform Builder

We give a Highlevel Account with all our products and Services - This powerful integrated platform is our foundation we build on.

Mental Mindset

Buznet's Mental Mindset:

  • Lesson 1: How The World Works
  • Lesson 2: Your Current & Desired Self
  • Lesson 3: How To Reach Your Desired Self

What Our Clients Say

Izienne Grib

The Retail Accountant

Buznet Direct's training course has benefited me immensely.

I am so happy that I made the investment to get professional help in marketing and growing my practice.

The moment I started to implement the principles taught in the course, I started seeing results. I haven't even applied all the course content to marketing strategy, and already I've landed a contract with a major franchise group.

Fanie's heart is in the right place. He truly cares about the success of his clients and he'll stop at nothing to give his clients all the support or guidance they need to achieve the results they desire.

Lea Rademan

(Bcom Ent - UNISA)

Having completed the videos offered in the Buznet Direct Business Development Program offered by Fanie Naude, I must say that the professionalism of the material offered is excellent.

Fanie understands that the business environment and is a fantastic motivator and marketing development professional.

It has been a pleasure to listen to the information provided succinctly and clearly through the videos. I have learned a great deal from listening to his videos and believe that application of same will revolutionize the business environment as a whole, if well applied.

Certainly an excellent course to go through.

Elize Pretorius


All course items were explained thoroughly, with relevant examples, which made it easy to follow and relate to. Topics are relevant, and well presented.

What proved valuable to me, was the constant following-up from Fanie, it was just perfect, just enough, not too much.

Main Benefits: Alerting me to the fact that a niche is important, and pricing is the key!

Knowing that BUZNET understands Accountants, made a difference to other vendors, as the angle of communication was very specific, exactly in my field.

Additional: Thank you for keeping in touch over the course of a year since I subscribed.

Chalissa Padayachee

Next Level Accounting

The course is extremely interesting and easy to understand. I dealt with Fanie from Buznet who was great in explanations and professional.

Main Benefits: Changing mindset of pricing and the organic marketing information and guidelines

Additional: Great service

Bernard Eloff

Arlis Accounting

Fanie is very passionate about what he does and helping accountants grow their practices. Course content was informative and very well structured.

Main Benefits: It helped me realise there is another way of doing business

Rickert Pattinson

Rison Financialist

I would recommend any one to use Fanie Naude, my accounting company was on the brink of closing and through his help we managed to grow more than 10 times over and that in a pandemic year.

Really nothing like his guidance and help.

You are more than welcome to mail me for a "reference" regarding his help. Thank you very much once again Fanie

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