Welcome To Buznet Direct:

The Marketing Solution For Accounting Firms

You know how most accountants struggle with marketing and sales and end up overworked having to take on bad clients that make their life miserable.

Well we specialize in helping accountants to get a consistent stream of their ideal clients while reducing workload and increasing profits.

Welcome To Buznet Direct:

The Marketing Solution For Accounting Firms

You know how accounting firms struggle with marketing & sales and end up taking on bad clients that make their lives miserable?

We teach them how to attract their ideal clients with value within 14 days


“How To Attract A Stream Of

“Your Ideal Clients”

WithOUT Previous Marketing Skills

For Accounting Firms!”

What Will You Learn On This FREE Webclass:

  • Better Marketing: How Accountants Can Do Better Marketing Then Marketers

  • Building Systems: How To Create A System That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

  • Reduce Workload: How To Reduce Workload & Increase Profit

Better Marketing

How Accountants Can Do Better Marketing Then Marketers

Building Systems

How To Create A System That Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Reduce Workload

How To Reduce Workload & Increase Profit

How Accounting Firms Can Succeed With Lead Generation Online That Result In Ideal Paying Clients

So That You Can Replace Those Vampire Clients That Suck The Life Out Of Your Firm

How Accounting Firms Can Succeed With Lead Generation Online That Result In Ideal Paying Clients
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How Accounting Firms Can Succeed With Lead Generation Online That Result In Ideal Paying Clients

Marketing For Accountants Start At The Foundations

In order for you to put the right foundations in place for your accounting practice you must first understand your prospects and clients.

This is why we start with a video explaining different forms of traffic and how you can take advantage of each.

Watch our video:

Understanding Where Your Prospects Are Coming From And The Best Strategies To Convert Them Into Paying Clients.

How To Consistently Attract Clients To Your Accounting Practice

This is taking advantage of inbound traffic that is: aware of their problems/needs

searching for a solution.

Here you want to have a strong online foundation in the form of your website.

Once your website is in place, you want all your social media pages liked to your website actively driving traffic.

These social media page can be seen as smaller foundations for each platform you operate on.

It is important to keep the message on all platforms consistent and inline with your brand.

We go into specific foundation you need to put in place on our foundation for attracting clients page

How To Get Ideal Clients For Your Accounting Practice

Targeting ideal clients is very different from attracting clients to you since you need to actively market to them.

You need to grab their attention, peak their interest and turn them into leads that can convert into paying clients.

For this to be possible you need: In-depth understanding of your ideal clients, a marketing message that resonates with your ideal clients, a great offer that will make them take action, sales funnel to communicate your offer and make it as easy as possible to work with you.

We cover each of these on our Foundations For Getting Ideal Clients page.

How To Increase Profitability For Your Accounting Practice While Reducing Workload

Constantly feeling overworked and underpaid?

Well the problem might be very easy to solve if you gave it a shot.

We have helped a lot of accounting practices think differently about workload and profitability.

You don't need to sacrifice your precious family time for clients that don't respect you or your time.

Request more information and ask for the Quick ROI & Profit Cleanse - it will increase your profitability and reduce your workload while costing less than a fried chicken dinner.

For Accountants With A Passion For Advisory/Consulting

Reaching master level with a niche can be a long and difficult road that leads to a mountain of treasure and freedom.

This is not for everybody but rather the select few willing to go above and beyond what is expected or what seems reasonable.

By constantly studying the great entrepreneurs that have reached master level we have created the step by step process in order to reach the ultimate goal of niche mastery.

We invite you on this journey with us that leads you to massive amounts of respect and admiration, wealth beyond measure and the freedom true entrepreneurs crave.

We go into the exact process on Niche Mastery With Advisory/Consulting page.

Buznet Direct Reviews

Buznet Review 1

Rickert Pattinson

Rison Financialist

Revenue Increased by R62,340 in 9-months (Mar-20 to Dec-20)

The methods used by Fanie and his team definitely works. They constantly working on improving their product and methods.

He taught me how to approach clients, how to add value and how to sell the brand while keeping the client’s needs in mind. Always making sure we add value and the client has a direct ROI in the experience they have with us.

This resulted in increased referrals and companies approaching us so increasing our client base and revenue.

You are more than welcome to mail me for a "reference" regarding his help. Thank you very much once again Fanie


Buznet Review 2

Izienne Grib

The Retail Accountant

Buznet Direct's training course has benefited me immensely.

I am so happy that I made the investment to get professional help in marketing and growing my practice.

The moment I started to implement the principles taught in the course, I started seeing results.

I haven't even applied all the course content to marketing strategy, and already I've landed a contract with a major franchise group.

Fanie's heart is in the right place. He truly cares about the success of his clients and he'll stop at nothing to give his clients all the support or guidance they need to achieve the results they desire.

Buznet Review 3

Elize Pretorius


All course items were explained thoroughly, with relevant examples, which made it easy to follow and relate to.

Topics are relevant, and well presented.

What proved valuable to me, was the constant following-up from Fanie, it was just perfect, just enough, not too much.

Main Benefits: Alerting me to the fact that a niche is important, and pricing is the key!

Knowing that BUZNET understands Accountants, made a difference to other vendors, as the angle of communication was very specific, exactly in my field.

Additional: Thank you for keeping in touch over the course of a year since I subscribed.

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