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The 5 Step Process To Scale Your Accounting Practice With Advisory & Consulting

  • 1. Build Strong Foundations

  • Pick a Niche

  • Become An Expert in That Niche

  • Sharpen Sales Skills

  • 2. Signup Clients For Advisory/Consulting

  • Upsell Current Clients

  • Signup New Clients

Main Goal: Get Proof Of Concept

  • 3. Start Attracting Clients To You With Value

  • Create Something Your Niche Finds Valuable

  • Rebranding

  • Ads Preparation

Main Goal: Prepare For Ads & Automation

  • 4. Automate Client Acquisition

  • Build Systems

  • Test Hypothesis

  • Iterate & Improve

Main Goal: ROI on Ads + Results For Case Study

  • 5. Create Case Study On Your Results

  • Showcase Your Results

  • Increase Your Quality Leads

Main Goal: Exponential Growth & Automation

1. Build Strong Foundations

Pick a Niche

Pick a Niche

Pick a specific group of people with a specific problem that you can solve.

Benefits of specializing in a specific niche:

  • Marketing Is More Effective
  • You Benefit From Increased Focus
  • You Become An Industry Expert
  • Reduced Workload
  • Increased Service Delivery Effectiveness & Efficiency
  • Charge Higher Rates or Increase Your Fees

Become An Expert in That Niche

Become An Expert in That Niche

You should understand your niche better than anybody else.

You should have a crystal clear understand of their current and desired situation.

Where they are now with all their problems/pains/challenges and where they want to go, their wants/needs/desires.

Sharpen Sales Skills

Sharpen Sales Skills

Become an expert in selling futures and not services.

Once you understand their current and desired situation you want to sell your offer as the bridge or vehicle that is going to take them from where they are now to where they want to go.

2. Signup Clients For Advisory/Consulting

Upsell Current Clients

Upsell Current Clients

It is a lot easier to sell to someone that have bought something from you before - you already have a level of trust and credibility with them.

So now that you are no longer just selling services, you can have a real conversation with them where you can dive deeper into what they really want to achieve and how you can help them achieve it.

Signup New Clients

Signup New Clients

Natural progression from your current clients is to start targeting new prospects you can turn into leads and finally new paying clients.

This is not easy when you are making the shift but crucial to test your overall hypothesis and get the proof of concept necessary to start scaling your idea.

Main Goal For Steps 1-2: Get Proof Of Concept

Proof Of Concept is at least 3 new paying clients for the offer you created

3. Start Attracting Clients To You With Value

Create Something Your Niche Finds Valuable

Create Something Your Niche Finds Valuable

With an in-depth understanding of your niche, you can create something they will find valuable.

It is not necessary to be something massive it can be a short PDF with information they will find valuable.

We use this as a lead magnet to attract clients to you and they will give their contract details for the value they receive. This is how we capture leads.



Now that you have the proof of concept and value in place, we want your online presence to reflect the fact that you are specializing in a specific niche.

This is rebranding all your social media profiles and website to showcase your new direction and your expertise and knowledge or your niche.

Remember they are going to research you, so give them something to find and be impressed by.

Ads Preparation

Ads Preparation

While rebranding and creating value we prepare for drastically scaling your practice and offer with paid ads.

In order to run ads there are various systems that need to be build and put in place to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

Main Goal For Step 3: Prepare For Ads & Automation

Systems and automations are extremely important when running ads and this require some preparation.

4. Automate Client Acquisition

Build Systems

Build Systems

Various systems that need to be in place for maximum ROI:

  • Funnel & Website
  • Lead Capture
  • CRM to send leads directly to your phone
  • Email nurture process
  • Retargeting
  • Integrated Metrics & Analytics
Test Hypothesis

Test Hypothesis

Here we run the first few test ads.

At this point everything should be in place that we can run ads and only worry about tweaking small things to improve your results.

General rule of thumb is aiming for at least 3:1 ROI and spending at least the amount a client is worth to you. Looking to signup 5k clients - be willing to spend at least 5k in the testing phase.

Iterate & Improve

Iterate & Improve

It is constant process to analyze the results and make small changes or iterations to improve results.

Don't expect to run one successful ad forever - everything has an expiry date, even successful ads.

We aim for perfection knowing we will never reach it but we do it all the same.

Main Goal For Step 4: ROI on Ads + Results For Case Study

We need to be making positive ROI with the ads and you should be getting results for the clients you signup.

5. Create Case Study On Your Results

Showcase Your Results

Showcase Your Results

Nothing like getting results for your clients and they will to give you positive reviews/testimonials.

Once you have enough proof that you know what you are doing and getting massive results for your clients - you can create a case study showcasing this.

We use this case study as the new value for your ads.

Increase Your Quality Leads

Increase Your Quality Leads

Using a case study as the value you promote and creating a longer more qualifying funnel will automatically increase the quality of your leads.

We only move to this stage when getting leads are no longer the primary focus but getting high quality leads that can turn into your ideal clients.

Main Goal For Step 5: Exponential Growth & Automation

Results lead to more results creating a fly-wheel effect for exponential growth using a positive feedback loop system we automate for you.

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