Foundations For Getting Ideal Clients For Your Accounting Firm

Ideal Clients For Accounting Firms

In-depth Understanding Of Your Ideal Clients

Let’s start from your ideal clients’ perspective.

They are currently in a specific situation with certain problems, pains and challenges in their life and business which occupies most of their thoughts.

Then they have certain dreams and goals they want to achieve for their personal life and business. In order to get to this situation, they have certain wants, needs and desires that have to be satisfied.

With all of this going through their mind, what are going to grab their attention and make them take action?

Well something that acts as the bridge or vehicle that’s going to take them from where they are now (current situations with all the problems/pains/challenges) to where they want to go (desired situation with satisfied wants/needs/desires).

This is quite simple, they want someone or some solution to help them reach their dreams and goals.

Marketing Message For Accounting Firms

A Marketing Message That Resonates With Your Ideal Clients

Now looking from your perspective.

If you don’t understand your prospects and clients, you cannot hope to grab their attention and make them take action.

You should have an in depth understanding of your ideal clients current and desired situations while having a solution that can act as the bridge or vehicle between them.

Once this is in place, it is all about crafting a message that resonates and make them take action.

At this stage it is important to understand the language your ideal clients speak – you won’t have any success if you communicate the same to a builder as you do to a lawyer.

Your marketing message should demonstrate your knowledge of your ideal clients, what they are going through, where they are aiming to go and how you can take them there.

Great Offers For Accounting Firms

A Great Offer That Will Make Them Take Action

Your marketing message is there to grab attention and your offer is there to make them take action.

You need to put a lot of thought into creating your offer since this will be the ultimate driving force behind leads turning into paying clients.

This will also be your value/service delivery so there will need to be balance and focus.

It is easy to say yes to an offer that promise the world but it can be extremely difficult to delivery, not even mentioning the price.

There need to be balance between how easy it is to say yes and how difficult it is to deliver results.

We recommend creating a MVP – minimal viable product/service.

Something that will give your client exactly what they want, nothing more, nothing less.

You can always expand on a later stage if you wish but to start you just need something that will deliver results fast.

Ideal Clients For Accounting Firms

Focus Is Of Utmost Importance.

You have to focus on only one thing at a time, the most progress is made in the most effective and efficient manner when focused at a singular point.

No more trying to be everything for everyone! (It doesn’t work anyway)

Focus on one offer at a time and make it wildly successful before even thinking of something else.

Sales Funnels For Accounting Firms

Sales Funnel To Communicate Your Offer And Make It As Easy As Possible To Work With You.

With your marketing message grabbing attention and creating interested prospects – you want a system to communicate your offer to them or make them take the first step in order to work with you.

We call this a sales funnel which directs prospects through a specific process to separate the prospects ready to take the first step from those who still need extra time and convincing.

At every stage of the funnel prospects tend to fall out of the funnel, leaving you with the leads that is ready to turn into paying clients.

The complexity of the funnel depends on the complexity of your offer: a funnel to sell pizzas will be a lot less complex than a funnel to sell a 12 month coaching program to reach financial freedom.

Through this process it is important to keep in mind that you always want to reduce complexity for your prospects – the easier it is to understand your offer and take action to work with you, the better!

You want to make it as easy as possible to work with you.

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